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Hannah and Matt wedding

It was a beautifully windy day for this fall wedding. It had rained the night before and was cloudy in the morning, but the sun gave way to a gorgeous afternoon! 

Yes, I loved this little guy! He didn't love me though!!! : )

Hannah and Matt sneak peak

It would seem that this shot is becoming my favorite one to do ( if the bride has a long veil) 
Perhaps it's the soft wispy feel it gives to the picture....


Dylan and Jayla sneak peak wedding

I have been slowly working on these edits as I feel up to it. 
This was such a fun wedding!

Jayla and Dylan E session

After cancelling twice, we finally had a nice, calm, and sunny evening to get this e session in! Praise God! Jayla is such a sweet heart! I enjoyed this session very much!


Anne and Phillip Wedding

I had seen Anne around church, but never really got to know her personally. I know her parents better ( I know, I just aged myself) than her. I had never met Phillip before their wedding day.
( I take that back, I met him for 2 seconds the night before)
This wedding was simple, but very elegant. I imagine, much like Anne. She is a very sweet and very quiet girl who pretty much let me do whatever I wanted with her. : )
I hope she will be pleased when she sees her pictures. I know I had a hard time choosing only a few to post here.