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Wee one A ~ 2 yr old child photography

This wee one's mother warned me about her "busyness" even before our scheduled session. She was right! Lucky for me, my soon to be granddaughter is exactly the same way and I was prepared to just let her play and be herself.Lucky for me, mom didn't care if she got a little wet!

She did actually sit still for one nice picture!

Baby M - Newborn

I am slowly getting my edits caught up...slowly is the key word here. Thanks to all my clients for your patience! 

This little one came into my studio at 4 weeks old. She is not going to have anything to do with sleeping and we worked with her for over an hour before she settled down to sleep. As long as she was awake, I decided to make the best of it and shoot her while awake. She was very aware and followed me around with her eyes, kicking and waving her little arms. So cute!

Kauffman boys 1 and 3

These two have birthdays pretty close together, M is turning 3 while C is turning 1.

Baby C 9 mo

This little one is a joy every time I get to see her! 

End in sight

I have to apologize to those of you who visit my blog as I have not had time to update it lately. My dear hubby took a quite extended vacation this summer and he ranks more important to me than updating this. There is an end in sight to all this though as he goes back to work on Monday. ☺

Here are a few peaks at what we've been doing over the last month or so....

I will try to get caught up on my client next week, but no promises...

Welcome to my foto site

Welcome to my Photography Site! I'm so glad you stopped by! Sit down for a spell and enjoy my latest projects!

On the technical side of things...
I spend up to 3 hours of editing for every one of shooting. Edits include retouching, lighting effects, black and white, sepia, and adding elements.

Payment for sitting fees are due at time of session. You will be given a share link to to order your prints. Check out print prices

I do require contracts for weddings, so e mail me for a contract form. There is a $100 non refundable deposit for weddings due at booking. Remaining fee is due one week prior to the wedding.

To book:
call or text 260.589.2728
or e mail