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DeAnna and Zach Wedding

Living in Indiana, one can never be sure what the spring weather will bring us. 
This particular Saturday turned out to be wonderful though! (Thank our good Father God)

We shot at Indianapolis State College amidst the flowering crab apple trees. Even though 
Zach is always smiling and joking, this was one of the most touching weddings I have been to.

Chase and Nicole E session

After a brief reschedule period, we ended up with the perfect night for this session! It was so calm and decently warm, and the trees....

Right away I recognized Chase's type of humor...much like my own husband. It didn't take me too long to figure him out!

Lauren and Matt spring Mini session

It snowed once this winter, so we took full advantage of that with this couple! The only drawback to a snow session is that it is also very cold!

Now that Spring is finally getting around to showing up, we needed to get a few more pics of Lauren and Matt in before the wedding in June!

Deanna and Zach E session

My husband accompanied me on this session as it was in our Capitol City of Indianapolis. We left a few hours before my appointment and checked out the canal where we would be shooting. 
I have never been to the canal, so this was a neat experience! 

I wasn't expecting all the trees to be in bloom! They are not at home yet so this was a bonus for our session! 

These two announced that they are not very good at pictures and then we had this amazing session! I just told them to enjoy each other and we got along just fine.