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Another weekly recap

I can't tell you how nice it is just to recap my busy, busy weeks. I enjoy posting pictures of my work, but sometimes, I don't have the time I need to post everything. So please forgive me if I do not feature your session right now as I am only one person who is the photographer, secretary, editor, and bookkeeper, all in one. 

Here's a few pics that I have had the pleasure of capturing lately. 

Weekly update

This past week slowed a bit with the constant rain and has allowed me to work on other things. This past weekend kept me hopping with rescheduled sessions! 
This little lady graced my studio on Sat morning. What a beauty she is!

I do not have a great number of edits to post today as I am currently working on them. 
I do have one from last Sat's wedding and one from Sunday's session.

Tarah was quite concerned that her goosebumps would show! (Brrrrrr) I assured her they wouldn't ☺

This was the hardest picture of this session with Grandma and Grandpa, but I think they took it quite well!

A little rain recap

The nice weather we had has given way to rain this week...reschedule, reschedule, reschedule....

If it were up to me ( which it is not ) 
We would have sunshine, 70, and colorful trees...all month long.

That would be ideal. 

So I am using this time to do some catching up on my edits, getting over some sort of flu bug, and taking a break.

I've known these girls for a few years now. They are moving about 2 hours away as their father has taken a new job. They will be missed!

I always enjoy this family! I've watched Janelle grow up over the years and has become a beautiful mother with an awesome family!

This weekend took me to Indianapolis to shoot an outdoor wedding.I have never been to Brownsburg, but it's a little town just East out of Indy. This is Arbuckle Acres. A beautiful location for an outdoor wedding. Yes, it was windy, cold, and I do believe I saw snowflakes! 

Then there was the Fisher Family. I have been capturing Katie's little boy for about a year now. The entire family decided it was time to update the larger family picture.

A recap of this weeks sessions

What absolutely gorgeous weather we've had this past week! This coming forecast looks promising as well! Can't wait! 

Here is a recap of a very busy week....

Sometimes I do like to shoot just for myself. I love finding hidden places and things that people don't normally look for, even close to home.

Pausing for a moment

I am making myself pause for a moment to update my blog. My hobby has been keeping me busy to the extent that I pause to remember a day when I thought I would never have anyone ask me to take pictures....

the rest is history.

Due to a bout of carpel tunnel, I have to pace myself with edits so as to still be capable of having feeling in my right hand and arm. I have ordered a drawing pad ( yes, just like it sounds) to help change the way I edit so as not to have to use a mouse. 

These are a few pictures of clients that I have been blessed to capture over the last week or so.

that's enough I think.... ☺

Welcome to my foto site

Welcome to my Photography Site! I'm so glad you stopped by! Sit down for a spell and enjoy my latest projects!

On the technical side of things...
I spend up to 3 hours of editing for every one of shooting. Edits include retouching, lighting effects, black and white, sepia, and adding elements.

Payment for sitting fees are due at time of session. You will be given a share link to to order your prints. Check out print prices

I do require contracts for weddings, so e mail me for a contract form. There is a $100 non refundable deposit for weddings due at booking. Remaining fee is due one week prior to the wedding.

To book:
call or text 260.589.2728
or e mail