Andi and Allie winter short session

We have been trying to be very patient this winter for some decent weather to come to Indiana. It's either been rainy, or too windy, or just no snow.

Allie wanted to take engagement pictures in the snow, so we took a chance and scheduled for a day that snow was forecast. Wouldn't you know when we got on location, the snow stopped. 

I did make some of my own snow though, so we are good to go!

Miranda and Jeff wedding

This was a very chilly January winter wedding. The temp outside was a whopping 17 degrees. We went out anyway just as it started to snow. {nice} Jeff is a very comical guy, but he showed a lot of restraint, until the last picture....

Abby and Shawn wedding

This wedding was so beautiful. Not a dry eye in the entire church! The bride has a 5 year old daughter and the groom said vows to her as well, with heartfelt tears! AAAAHHH! I will spare you those.

Marissa and Derek wedding

This was a beautifully {windy} fall day. We were lucky to find 1 colorful tree in the back of the church that still had half it's leaves. This church had amazing windows that I used to my advantage!

Leah and Justin Wedding

This was a wet and stormy day. We just stepped foot inside the church from shooting pictures and the rain let loose like it had never rained before! Whew! It did stop for a few more shots by the time the reception came.

It was such a pleasure getting to know this couple and their beautiful daughter!