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Hofstetter Family

Tessa's son is in the Army stationed in Alaska. When her granddaughter was born, they did get to go and see her, but it's a long stretch between actual visits. 

Her son and his family came home for a week and of course, Tessa wanted to snatch this opportunity to capture her beautiful family! Can you blame her?

a little downtime

Summer can get a bit slow, but I manage to stay busy anyway. 
Sometimes God brings pictures to me and I don't have to look for them...
like this spider web.
 Just walked by it while gardening and the light from the morning sun lit it up 
and caught my attention. ( I see things like this all the time. Most normal people just walk on by though. Me, I grab my camera. ) 

I was out shooting my hosta's  when something caught my eye once again. At first from the color, I thought it was a big bee. As I watched it, I knew pretty quickly that it was a hummingbird moth.

Looking forward to a small vacation with my dear husband. I am SURE that I will have more pictures when I get back!

Jasmine maternity

Jasmine made a beautiful bride....but more so as a mother-to-be!

Macro florals

Macro shooting is probably my favorite thing to do with my camera. I LOVE seeing everyday things in creation up close and in detail! God is so creative and brilliant!

Garden walk

Yes, I still plan to host this on Saturday, although be forewarned that you will need gumboots just to walk through my yard. (Please God, send sunshine!!!) 

The only plant that seems to LOVE all this extra moisture is this water lily!

I went to Lowes the other day with my dear hubby. I made an accidental audible *gasp* when we passed by these day lilies. Being the wonderful man that my hubby is, he says, "Go grab a cart and get some."

So I did!

So if you have time and want to walk through and talk flowers, I will be here!

Welcome to my foto site

Welcome to my Photography Site! I'm so glad you stopped by! Sit down for a spell and enjoy my latest projects!

On the technical side of things...
I spend up to 3 hours of editing for every one of shooting. Edits include retouching, lighting effects, black and white, sepia, and adding elements.

Payment for sitting fees are due at time of session. You will be given a share link to to order your prints. Check out print prices

I do require contracts for weddings, so e mail me for a contract form. There is a $100 non refundable deposit for weddings due at booking. Remaining fee is due one week prior to the wedding.

To book:
call or text 260.589.2728
or e mail