share some secrets

I'd like to share with you some secrets that I use to make that nice shot a great shot.

This was taken with a 55-250mm zoom lens on a very bright day at 100 iso and about 1/750 shutter speed.

Notice how bland the colors are, except for the sky. Nothing really strikes your eye with this "straight from the camera" shot. No detail, color, or contrast.

I use Lightroom 3 and I am a firm believer in this program and prefer it over photoshop any day! This program gives me the colors, details, clarity, and boost that I look for in pictures. It's so easy to work with my RAW pictures as well listing them clearly across the bottom of my screen.

For this picture, I boosted the blacks quite a bit. What this will accomplish is giving definition to the bricks for nice detail. I also boosted saturation, but not too much as to make it too bright.

In the color box, I chose the blue slider and darkened all the blues which makes the sky "pop" with color. This also made the lovely reflection in the window that accents the sky nicely.

By bringing up the blacks, I no longer had to worry about the overexposure of the picture.

And wah-lah you have a beautiful and richly colored photograph.

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