Day Date

We wanted to get away, but not stay overnight anywhere. We haven't been to Indy in years, so we decided to go there. The Super Bowl is being held there in two weeks and things are already being prepared for that....

I imagine that this place will be busy as it is location right down town. Even though the Colts are not going to be playing this year, it will still draw a lot of attention.

This is a local name. Glad to see it's made in Indiana!

Sweet potato fries are the BOMB! They had a cinnamon coating on them and were very light. I should have stuck with a cheeseburger though. The chicken looked pretty, but was did not taste so pretty...

I LOVE architecture!!!! The older the better. They knew how to take time and build something that they could take some pride in!

And of COURSE I gave my hubby a camera! This way he got to have some fun too! He actually got a lot of nice shots, but they were mostly of me.


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