Plug for a friend

Ok, I am posting this without my glasses, so bear with me....

This dear friend of mine has made numerous plugs for me in the past, so now it's my turn....

Julie Lehman is an awesome seamstress! She makes the most amazing bags  and such. Visit her family blog here.This is a bag that I received this past year from my "secret sis". It's a fun thing where we have someone that we bless throughout the year with small gifts....secretly of course.

This year I was blessed with this beautiful and colorful bag, and knew that someone had probably made it, but not being able to know went for awhile without the knowledge....until last evening at our "reveal".

Isn't it the bomb?! If you would like to inquire about one for a gift or maybe yourself, Julie's phone number is (260) 589.2382 I'm sure she would love to hear from you!!

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