This is what I do when....

I've been down for a week now with this Bronchitis and it's not in a hurry to I had to cancel sessions and park it on my fanny for awhile ( which is really hard for me to do) 

It doesn't take too much energy to go outside and shoot these though, so I did this morning. I'm working on soft processing and off coloring. This is what I came up with. Oh, and these are available to purchase through Society 6 as well. ( sorry, had to add a plug for that)

This first one is done by first using Black and white. I then add a color overlay of blue. Then I bring the levels up to add the detail back into my print.
I also painted purple at about 15% to some of the petals.

 This one is a bit more involved. I added a color overlay after I placed a texture print over the top. I usually use the Soft Light overlay effect to get the soft subtle effect I'm looking for. 
I also used a sharpen tool to bring out the texture of the flower to give the eye a focal point. I used a mask as well so the flower was not totally washed out.

And there you have it....what I do when I can't do what I want to do....

Make sense?

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