Using back light or side lighting

I love experimenting with my photography. Lighting can be one of the most effective ways of creating a new and exciting element to your photographs.

This is a sample of me attempting to get the right combination of side light and bounce flash. I was going for more of a side light and my flash was way to powerful at first.

        1/40 ISO 100 Flash 0 stops           1/100 ISO 100 Flash 0 stops     1/100 ISO 100 Flash -2 stops

The one on the right was the lighting I was going for.  Once I had that, I tweaked the white balance some, gave it a small amount of fill light and boosted some color.

Now to finish it off....I place a texture on top of my picture and set it to Soft light. I then add a pink, aqua, and gold color fill to get that antique look. Color fill even when set to soft light can lighten your picture substantially. I lost some of my lighting effect using this method, but it can give you that mix of antique drama that you want.

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