Time out

Take time out to smell the "flowers" {*since I don't have roses}

These are from my "new" place. The realtor was so nice in letting me have my way with the outside of my new home. I have been pulling, trimming, planting.... and discovering annuals I've never seen before! 

I'm not sure what each annual is called yet, but I will be sure to look them up!

Sarah called this one a Lamb's ear. It feels just like that too....very soft.

 This one reminds me of my grandmother's perfume when I was little.....VERY fragrant! Trumpet vine I do believe....

 This little guy blended in quite nicely with this trumpet vine. I don't really have a fear of stinging insects, but I do have a healthy respect for them. As long as I don't bother them, they don't mind me shooting them.

 This daisy is "almost" ready to make his debut! I have found that these are wonderful for naturalizing, but are also intrusive at the same time...

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