How to prevent loosing your pictures

I recently took a Poll on facebook to see how many people actually print their images. I was astounded at the results! In this digital age, people are NOT making prints of their images. In fact, many of them depend on social media as a photo back up! This is alarming!

As a photographer, I must have some sort of back up for my clients images, which I do. Last year, one of my good friends had her facebook not only hacked, but they took it completely over, and then deleted all her things. This dated back years! Photo's completely lost forever. 

Oh, but it's gets better!The hacker proceeded to hack into our church Facebook page (through her page) and completely take over and delete that as well. It was a vicious attack and as the page Admin, I was helpless to stop it. By the time we contacted Facebook that this had happened (I immediately did ), it did nothing to aide in retrieving any of the lost data. 

If you are not printing your images, please do so. Even in this digital age of back up companies, there are never guarantees that you're images will be protected. Memory devices are constantly changing as well. What is saved on cd now, may not be retrievable in 10 years.

Just food for thought.

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